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Carlos is an International Medical Graduate, Aesthetician and Permanent Makeup Artist Founder of Stunning by Carlos Disla Beauty Academy. His years of experience in the fields of Facial Surgery, Aesthetics and Permanent Makeup have helped him to use his knowledge with passion and joy, caring for the well-being and beautiful look of all of his clients. With the intention of helping others to feel more confident about themselves, he has mastered his craft on 8 different Cosmetic Eyebrows Techniques, making Carlos Disla one of the most talented and recognized PMU Artists in New York City.

Since 2011 assisting patients with facial deformities due to accidents and other facial complications, Carlos Disla found his passion on being very detail oriented and perfectionist when it comes to work in somebody’s face. By putting all his effort into practicing and training in the PMU industry for many years, he was able to fusion everything into one successful career that have changed many lives.


Hi, I am Carlos Disla and this is my Story… Back in 2011 I found myself graduating from Medical School at a very young age (no, im not telling you my age ✌️😋😅). My passion for helping people skyrocketed with the knowledge I acquired during those years of extensive and dedicated studies.

After graduating, that passion was focused on helping people (adults and children) with different types of Facial Traumas and Cancers and I became the first Facial Surgeon Assistant performing Facial Surgeries and Reconstructions hand in hand with my mentor. Sadly, those days were over when I had to move to NYC and I couldn’t continue my medical career as planned for personal reasons. (Don’t worry, I can share it with you when we meet at Stunning 😉)

Oh wait! you don’t know anything about Stunning yet. Well, don’t panic please! Stay with me for a second and I’ll let you know in a moment….So, long story short, I can say that if you’re meant to help people in any ways, your passion will find you and lead you to right direction. That direction for me was the wonderful and beautiful world of the Permanent Makeup. It was where, throughout these years, I’ve concentrated all my efforts in perfecting my craft and developing the 8 different Eyebrows Techniques that now I offer in NYC, along with other beauty services that will change your life forever. Yes, you will find all these in a peaceful, clean and -what I call my happy place- Stunning by Carlos Disla, located at 222 E 34th Street Suite 6 New York NY 10016, Sola Salon Studios in the Center of NY🗽

It’s the place where the Magic happens, the same place I will receive you with a lot of love, joy (maybe coffee ☕️😉) and all the desire to help you with whatever I could. I’m here to serve you and be a good friend for life. Welcome to Stunning✌️🥰

Don’t be shy, take a look at our services to see all the beautiful things we have for you😉. I hope you like it. Bye byeeee!😊😊😊

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