Stunning PMU/Tattoo Removal

Our Non-Laser PMU/Tattoo Removal is the procedure that allow us to extract the pigment/ink previously used to create the Eyebrows, Lips or Eyeliners. We use a special magnetic system and a FDA resisted solution made from plants. Different from Laser and other Non-Laser Tattoo Removal procedures, our technique doesn’t harm the skin because we DON’T use Laser, Saline Solutions or Acidic Solutions. It’s Painless, Hair Loss Free, Burns and Scar Forming Free. Some of our clients also experience hair growth on the Eyebrows area after a few sessions.

As 95% of the Ink/Pigments used to create Permanent Eyebrows/Lips have Metallic Component on it that gives stability, some permanent procedures have a slow fading process in time. Our Non-Laser Tattoo Removal has a Magnetic technology that virtually absorb the pigment/ink from inside out leaving the skin cleaner and cleaner on every session.

$100 deposit will be required upon booking this appointment and will be used to complete full price the day of the service. Not Refundable. Does not include a free touch up. Please book your touch up appointment separately.

Price: $375